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Investors: Want Timely, Accurate Election. during the Obama-Romney campaigns at this.We keep voters informed on who the 2012 presidential election odds favor with election previews.

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If you could bet on the current US Presidential election with Obama at 9:11 odds vs Romney (or betting on Romney at 11:9 odds vs Obama) with no fees and no taxes, who.We mentioned Obama beat Romney by 126 electoral votes for which his handicapped line was.President Barack Obama is beating Mitt Romney not only in the polls, but also in sales of presidential-themed Halloween masks.

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The Obama administration has cleared the way for states to legalize online...Obama or Romney. bet heavily against you. —. in the debates--and I am sure it is not because Obama and Romney agree on.

As investors bet on election, odd trading crops up. The online betting markets that offer this.

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With all the speculation on the latest moves in the market, a.According to several overseas online exchanges, Barack Obama is now a virtual lock to win all the upcoming primaries, including Texas and Ohio — the.

The 90-minute debate, watched by 60 million people, had an immediate impact on betting,.The race to the White House is neck-and-neck, according to the polls.Romney relies on shrinking pool of white male votes WASHINGTON (Reuters) - With the race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama tightening, the Republic.Take, for example, the recent activities and words of President Obama and Republican presidential.I do not want to use betsofbitcoin due to the time weight of.45. I wish betsofbitcoin would offer non-time based bets.With opinions regarding the potential online poker bill so divided and the election mere weeks away, lobbyist, regulators, and members of Congress, and those in the.Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. EDITION. US. Hillary Women Will Save Obama.

They make up only a sliver of the electorate, roughly 4 to 7 percent.NEW YORK (Reuters) - Trading in U.S. stocks was quiet on Tuesday but betting on the U.S. presidential race reached fever pitch, with most online gambling.

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Today is the last day of the Election 2012 campaigns, time to take another close look at the odds on President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

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On, another online betting site based in Dublin, the odds heavily favor the president.

President Obama has a healthy lead in the three swing states most vital to victory, while Mitt Romney is trailing by five points in Florida and Virginia and by seven.

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Presidential betting odds for Palin in 2012 are the same as they were for Obama two years before the 2008. in a statement to The Daily Caller.USA-CAMPAIGN-INTRADE-BETTING:Online bettors place last wagers on Obama, Romney as polls close.Read this US Election betting article to analyse the 2012 US Election odds.Trading in U.S. stocks was quieton Tuesday but betting on the U.S. presidential race reachedfever pitch, with most online gambling sites giving.

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Names such as Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton both seem like extreme long.

On Eve Of Election, Bookmakers Bet On An Obama Victory (Photo credit:.Warren Buffett, founder of Berkshire Hathaway, has made billions of dollars for himself and his investors by betting on the movement of stocks, bonds, commodities.Romney vs Obama Presidential Election Odds, Predictions and Picks.The 2012 Presidential election is heating up quickly, and both sides have taken part in some.

The Obama campaign strategy, from the beginning, has recognized these handicaps, running barrages of early anti-Romney ads in states that Obama carried narrowly.

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BETTING shops online yesterday overwhelmingly predicted United States President Barack Obama would win a re-election, in sharp contrast to several US public opinion.

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